We impart knowledge from practice for practice and we do that with enthusiasm.

Together with you, we consider which business processes exist and divide them into management processes, customer relationship processes, supplier relationship processes, as well as supporting processes (e.g., maintenance, EDP, etc.). Then we systematically analyze which inputs the processes need and who expects which results of these processes. At the same time, we determine required resources, internal and external interfaces, consider which documents are necessary. And of course, how the process performance could be objectively measured.

In doing so, we use the specifications of globally recognized management system standards, namely the ISO family of standards, in the most intelligent way. We actively support you in their application, without excessive bureaucracy. We try to limit documentation efforts to the most necessary. Of course, we integrate existing structures directly into the implementation. And we support you in the selection of suitable tools and software solutions.

Our training program is based on training concepts developed by ourselves as well as on accredited training and certification offers from globally renowned, recognized training organizations. Here we work closely with our international cooperation partners to ensure that we can offer the appropriate program for every need, as well as the respective required recognized certification.

At a glance:

  • Management system-related training
  • Auditor training programs
  • Industry-specific training
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability