In our daily practice, we see that many companies are already dealing with the topic of “agility” and “agile methods”. Often triggered by VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), i.e., unexpectedly occurring and sustainable changes in their environment, such as in markets, competition, trends (digitalization), stakeholders and last but not least crisis situations like Corona. Often also on their own initiative and because changing customer requirements necessitate this.

In software development, agile method sets such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints & Scrum are already widespread. In other business sectors, agile methods are being established in the product development and product creation process rather hesitantly. Right now, these are changing long-established approaches. Agile companies accept the constant uncertainty and resulting unplanned situations.

They take it for granted and systematically integrate the unpredictable into the management of their activities, for example through risk or business continuity management. Management systems are changing – and so are the roles of managers. How agile a company (or parts of it) is depends on the extent to which management allows agile thinking, corresponding practices, and how strongly the alignment with agile values and principles takes place.

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